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How does a weighted blanket work?

A weighted blanket : what is it and what can it do for you? It weighted blanket , also called gravity blanket , helps millions people to sleep better . That goes much further than just 'sleep ...

Hoe kies je de beste verzwaringsdeken voor de zomer?

How do you choose the best weighted blanket for the summer?

While we love the sleep-inducing benefits of weighted blankets , we can admit that they aren't always known as the most practical choice for hot summer nights. With a heavy blanket you quickly thin...

Gravity voor vrede - Hoe wij actief vluchtelingen helpen.

Gravity for Peace - How we actively help refugees.

The current situation in Ukraine is almost unbearable and leaves many people feeling helpless and bewildered. The events also affect us as a company. Rather, it is also a personal, emotional challe...

Verzwaringsdekens bij langetermijngevolgen van COVID-19

Weighted blankets for long-term consequences of COVID-19

It is already known that large parts of the population are increasingly suffering from stress and sleep problems due to the corona pandemic. The constant stream of news with contamination numbers a...

Op zoek naar een verzwaringsdeken?

How do you choose the best weighted blanket for the cold winter days?

When it gets chilly outside and the leaves change color, then finally fall, we all know that winter is fast approaching. If you're already busy thinking of ways to stay warm without having to turn ...

Op zoek naar een verzwaringsdeken?

What type of bad sleeper are you?

Staring at the ceiling for hours, worrying, nocturnal bustle. You can't get to sleep, which leads to being tired during the day, having little energy and not being able to have anything. Many peop...