The most popular weight blankets
now also available in the Benelux!

About us

Gravity® was founded out of necessity in 2013. A child with autism urgently needed a weighted blanket, but most blankets on the market were unaffordable. This is why the founders of Gravity® decided to produce the blankets themselves. Starting with just one blanket, the concept took on bigger forms and quickly became a huge success.

The blankets were originally made in a small apartment and mainly sold in Poland. Now we are located in a large modern office with more than 50 employees. Our weighted blankets are bought and appreciated by customers worldwide.

Considering that every blanket is made with care, it is our employees who are the beating heart of our organization. Our corporate culture offers equal opportunities and sets the standard for a good working environment where every employee feels comfortable with each other. Our employees consist of all age groups and bring their own unique character traits. We believe it is important to give people with an occupational disability the opportunity to participate in the production process. We can therefore be proud of our high-quality weighted blankets and our sustainable and environmentally friendly production process, which takes place entirely within the EU.

Our Gravity® blankets are designed with the aim of offering you a peaceful and healthy night's sleep and our employees a pleasant workplace where they can happily work for you every morning!

Our mission

It is our wish and goal to reach as many people as possible who can benefit from the benefits of a Gravity® blanket. Hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens show great interest in our products. We strive for our Gravity® blanket to become an established product in the Benelux and the International market.