About us

The origins of Gravity®

from a small idea to a "major" success!

Gravity® started in 2013 as an emergency solution for a little boy with autism who needed a weighted blanket quickly. But we have now grown into the place for high-quality, handmade weighted blankets!

We started sewing our blankets in a small apartment in Poland, but thanks to our growing success we now have a large and modern building with more than 100 employees. And let's not forget: our blankets are handmade with love and attention! At Gravity® we like good and honest dealings with each other. That's why we've put together a team of people from all age groups, each with their own unique personality. Even mentally and physically disabled people contribute to our production process, so that we create an inclusive working environment.

But what makes our weighted blankets so special? Firstly, our blankets are high quality and durable. We are proud of our environmentally friendly production process, which takes place entirely within the EU. And secondly, our blankets have the best price/quality ratio on the market! Why pay more for a weighted blanket made in China when you can buy a quality blanket at an affordable price from Gravity®?

Our weighted blankets are not only intended for people with autism, but for anyone who needs a peaceful and healthy sleep. So, are you ready to say goodbye to your boring blanket? Order your weighted blanket now from Gravity® and enjoy a good night's sleep! We promise you: you will wake up every morning with a smile on your face.

Our mission

At Gravity® we have one goal: to reach as many people as possible who can benefit from our weighted blankets. And that goal is not just our wish, it is our mission! Hospitals, healthcare institutions and
Daycare centers are eager to use our blankets. And that is not surprising, because our blankets are of high quality and help with stress, sleep problems and developmental disorders such as ADHS, autism, Asperger's and Down syndrome. At Gravity® we maintain our high quality standards and we continue to expand our business to help as many people as possible. Because when it comes to sleep and health, nothing is more important than quality. We are proud of our position as market leader in Germany and now want to quickly conquer the Benelux with our premium weighted blankets.

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