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When can a weighted blanket help?

As a parent you only want the best for your child. Sometimes it is desirable that your child falls asleep quickly in the evening or does not wake up several times during the night. Our little ones are often in a bad mood or in tears just because they don't get enough sleep. Is your child more anxious or overexcited and does not calm down in the evening? In other cases, concerns about the child's well-being are due to an illness. Perhaps your child has been diagnosed with developmental or sensory integration disorder? You now know what is good for your child and what is not. If you also attach great importance to the best quality and sustainability in production, then Gravity® Blankets is the right place for you.

How exactly does a weighted blanket work?

Our heavy blankets (also called sensory blankets) are successfully used in the treatment of children with autism (ASD), Asperger syndrome (AS), ADHD or sensory integration disorders (SID). The weighted blanket exerts a pleasant and firm pressure and thus activates deep-seated receptors. The child can now perceive the body more intensely: there is a feeling of security and safety and the child relaxes. This physical relaxation in turn affects the mind and well-being.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a child?

In general, we recommend that the weight of the weighted blanket is approximately 10% of body weight. For children, this also depends on body size, so that the weight of the blanket can also be adjusted to the size of the blanket. If you choose a slightly larger blanket, you can also increase the weight slightly. In principle, the child should be able to free himself from the blanket. You must involve the child in this and ask questions about its well-being. If the blanket is too light, you can follow our advice and we will discuss what weight might work well for your child. All recommended values ​​are guidelines only and may also vary in individual cases.

Which weighted blankets are available for children?

We believe that medical devices don't have to look boring, which is why we offer a large selection of child-friendly patterns, ranging from animals to vehicles to current fairytale heroes. When it comes to colors, we usually choose calm tones so that the child is not overly stimulated by the colors. Our Gravity® blanket is now also available for children, which are especially popular because of the warmth and nice feeling.

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We appreciate your trust and know that a weighted blanket is an investment in your child's well-being. That is why our products are very durable and easy to maintain. Production is based on our knowledge gained in the US and the latest technology. You buy a quality product. Both the fabrics and fillings of the weighted blankets are 100% hypoallergenic and breathable.

Our weighted blankets can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures.

If you decide to purchase a weighted blanket, you have a 31-day right of return and you can contact our customer service at any time. We are here for you. All children's warming blankets also come with a 1-year growth guarantee.