How do you choose the best weighted blanket for the summer?

Hoe kies je de beste verzwaringsdeken voor de zomer?

While we love the sleep-inducing benefits of weighted blankets , we can admit that they aren't always known as the most practical choice for hot summer nights. With a heavy blanket you quickly think (wrongly) of a warm blanket. Most weighted blankets are also made of thick materials and insulating filling materials to retain body heat. These heat-retaining properties are ideal for sleeping in cold weather, but can quickly lead to overheating if you're a warm sleeper, or if the temperature outside rises to summer temperatures!

Although you can always compensate for the heat of your weighted blanket by lowering the temperature of your air conditioner, there are better options: a weighted blanket for the summer, special summer covers for the warmer nights, our temperature-regulating Outlast weighted blanket and soon even linen weighted blankets! The choice is huge at Gravity.

Interested? Yes, we thought so. Read on for an easy guide on choosing a weighted blanket for summer. We'll also share some of our favorite tips to help you sleep well in the heat.

Weighted blankets for the summer

Our Gravity Basic covers are the perfect covers for your weighted blanket for the warm summer months. 100% breathable and organic cotton for a cooling night's sleep.

1. Look for breathable fabrics for your weighted blanket

Many people mistakenly think that weighted blankets are warm because they are heavy. But in fact it has more to do with the type of fabric the blanket is in than they are simply warm because they are heavy. Just like regular blankets, weighted blankets come in a variety of fabrics: cotton, flannel, fleece, polyester, and more.

If staying cool and dry while you sleep is important to you, consider looking for a weighted blanket made from one of the following fabrics:

Cotton : There's a reason many people prefer to sleep under a cotton duvet cover in the warmer months. Known for their breathability and softness, the cotton weighted blankets provide maximum airflow to ensure you stay comfortable on balmy summer evenings. They also have the added bonus of being durable, soft and easy to wash!

Linen: When it comes to choosing a weighted blanket for summer, linen is a no-brainer. First, it has temperature-regulating properties, meaning it adapts to the temperature of your skin. This is important because our sleep quality is closely linked to our body's natural heat regulation. Linen also wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry all night long. It also looks great in your bedroom! This is why we are going to launch our exclusive Gravity Linen Collection . Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to be selected for our pre-order for these great linen weighted blankets .

Outlast Space Technology: Originally created and developed for NASA Astronauts' space suits and now also available for our weighted blankets. The Outlast® temperature-regulating technology provides the most advanced sleep system on the market. This Certified Space Technology ™ weighted blanket cover automatically adjusts to your ideal sleeping temperature to help you get the most out of your sleep. Tested in space and can now be used in your bedroom. Outlast® technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot! Can be used all year round.

Gravity Linen Weighted Blanket - Premium quality weighted blankets

Our exclusive and luxurious Gravity Linen collection will soon be available for pre-order. Do you want to be the first with this exclusive weighted blanket? Then subscribe to our newsletter and who knows, you might be the first to be selected for the pre-order launch!

2. Pay attention to the filling of your weighted blanket

Another important factor to consider when choosing a weighted blanket for the summer, but really in all cases, is the material used to fill your weighted blanket. The two most common fillings for a weighted blanket are plastic polyester balls or pellets and glass beads.

Plastic polyester beads are one of the most popular weighted blanket fillers because they are inexpensive. However, they have a major drawback: they are excellent insulators, meaning they retain heat.

If you're looking for a cooler option, try a weighted blanket with glass beads. Unlike plastic, glass is an excellent heat conductor, meaning it can transfer heat quickly and help you stay cool. Our Gravity Blanket, Gravity Basic and Sumo are always filled with high quality glass microbeads.

Our Balance Blanket goes one step further with the filling, these are of a patented design with a filling of stainless steel micro-pearls, which are perfect heat conductors, but also ensure 100% weight distribution thanks to our patented design.

3. Choose a light cover or take an extra weighted blanket that is washable.

A duvet cover is a must-have for your weighted blanket, especially during the hot and humid months when your sweat glands are working overtime to keep you cool. Most experts recommend washing your bedding more often during the summer to combat extra moisture, dust mites and bacteria - and a duvet cover can make this chore much easier. When choosing a duvet cover, follow the same fabric advice as mentioned above. Linen and cotton covers are great choices for summer because they are light and breathable. If you want to go for the very best material, choose the Outlast space edition covers! In addition, we see that many customers also go for an extra weighted blanket. A washable weighted blanket without a cover, such as our Sumo Blanket, Graviy Basic without cover or Gravity Linen (available soon!).

4. Embrace light summer colors

Of course, this ultimately comes down to personal preference, but if you want to add some seasonal flair to your bedroom, consider choosing a weighted blanket in a lighter shade for summer. White is a great color for summer bedding. It's clean, refreshing and timeless. If you prefer a little more color in your bedroom, consider choosing a weighted duvet cover in light blue or light gray. Or our beautiful linen weighted blankets in light summer tones!

So you don't have to store your weighted blanket when the weather is warm. With these tips, you'll find a high-quality weighted blanket that will keep you calm and cool all summer long!

Sleep well with a weighted blanket

One of our thousands of happy sleepers. Are you our next success story? 😴 😊

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