How do you choose the best weighted blanket for the cold winter days?

Op zoek naar een verzwaringsdeken?

There are many different options for staying warm during the winter, whether you prefer to wrap yourself in a weighted blanket, an electric blanket or something else, investing in a high-quality blanket is key to enjoying warmth during the cold days. But how exactly do you choose the best blanket for winter with so many different options on the market?

Below we provide a few useful tips that will certainly help you choose the perfect blanket to keep you nice and warm during the winter season.

Keep yourself warm with a Premium weighted blanket

1. Choose the right size blanket

First, think about how you plan to use your blanket. Do you prefer to use the blanket for relaxation and cocooning on the couch? Or do you want to use the blanket to sleep under?

If you use the blanket to relax on the couch, you can use it both solo and with your partner, slide nicely against each other, you will enjoy it together! For example, go for the size 150x220 cm so that you both fit under it!

Will you sleep with the blanket? Then we recommend that you really adjust the blanket to your weight, and therefore use it as a single duvet. A weighted blanket to sleep under is always about 10% of your own body weight. The dimensions for our weighted blankets therefore only come in 135x200 cm or 150x220 cm in terms of sleeping and in weights from 6 to 12 kilos.

2. Stick to warm fabrics

A blanket in itself does not generate heat, but retains your own body heat to keep you nice and warm. That is why you want to go for fabrics that provide good insulation. Some popular fabrics for winter blankets include:

Flannel : If you're looking for an ultra-soft blanket that not only keeps you wonderfully warm, but is also super breathable, choose a flannel blanket. At Gravity we always have a special edition in Flannel available during the winter season. Flannel retains heat well and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. This means that even warm sleepers can enjoy this fabric during the cold days.

Wool : Wool has been used for centuries to keep people warm. We love it! And it is also very effective. Wool is breathable, temperature regulating and water resistant. Because of this, this fabric is widely used in outdoor activities.

Fleece : Fleece pretty much equals cold days. We always see fleece in the winter season. It was once invented to imitate wool, making this synthetic fabric a good insulator that retains the heat of your body.

Cotton : A cotton blanket is always a good choice. Cotton is not only hypoallergenic, but also super soft, breathable and temperature regulating. If you are a warm sleeper, cotton is always a good option.

A lesser known fabric is Outlast® . Originally made for NASA Astronauts spacesuits. This Outlast® has an excellent temperature-regulating technology that ensures the most advanced sleeping system on the market. This Certified Space Technology™ weighted blanket automatically adjusts to your ideal sleeping temperature to help you get the most out of your sleep. This premium blanket is only available at Gravity®. The Balance® Blanket special edition with Outlast® cover is the ultimate weighted blanket for everyone!

3. Pay attention to how the blanket is woven

Only the fabric is not the only factor that determines the warmth of a blanket. How the blanket is woven also partly determines how much heat your blanket retains. The closer the threads are woven together, the warmer your blanket will feel. In general, the tighter the weave of the blanket, the more warmth it will provide.

4. Assess the quality

It doesn't matter what type of fabric you choose for a blanket, choose what feels nice to you or suits you. The fabric, on the other hand, must always feel high quality in your hands. If your blanket feels thin and rough to the touch, it probably won't last long.

High quality blankets should be soft to the touch and show no signs of unevenness in color or finish. The price tag can also be an indicator of quality. If the blanket's price is too good to be true, chances are it won't fully make it through the season.

5. Know what options are available

Once you know what to look for when purchasing a winter blanket, it is time to look at the different options in terms of blankets. Popular options for winter blankets include:

A double-sided blanket: A double-sided blanket is a blanket with two different layers on either side (think water-resistant cover on one side and warm fleece on the other). This type of blanket is perfect for outdoor activities. But these types of blankets are also available as a weighted blanket. For example, we have blankets with fleece or flannel on one side and velvet on the other.

A Weighted Blanket: If the holiday stress piles up higher than the snow, try a weighted blanket aka a weighted blanket. Our best-selling weighted blanket is not only super soft and warm, but also uses soothing pressure to calm your body and mind and help you get a good, deep night's sleep or completely de-stress. In addition, it is wonderful to cuddle under on the couch!

An electric blanket: Electric blankets are blankets that heat the blanket by means of electricity and thus provide your body with warmth. However, electric blankets are under fire due to safety issues, so pay close attention to which blanket you purchase in this case and whether they are completely safe.

Don't settle for a poor quality blanket

If you're fed up with winter blankets that don't keep you warm enough or are of such quality that they start to fall apart after the first wash, try a weighted blanket from Gravity Blankets Netherlands.

From our high-quality fabrics and stitching to our fine glass beads or stainless steel, we stand for quality and comfort. Take a look at our collection of weighted blankets and start getting the warmth, rest and relaxation you deserve!

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