Weighted blankets for long-term consequences of COVID-19

Verzwaringsdekens bij langetermijngevolgen van COVID-19

It is already known that large parts of the population are increasingly suffering from stress and sleep problems due to the corona pandemic. The constant stream of news with contamination numbers and new regulations has been a burden for many people over the past 1.5 years. Beyond personal limitations and challenges, there was also the hopelessness of when and if the pandemic would ever end. In addition, Covid-19 patients often complain of long-lasting symptoms, which have now been confirmed by a British study. This is also called "long covid".

The speculation of the long-term effects of COVID-19

It has long been speculated whether symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath or concentration problems are related to a previous Covid-19 infection, because not only people with a moderate to severe course reported different symptoms, but also those who had only a mild course of the disease. The most well-known symptom, which persisted in some patients after recovery, was the limited sense of taste and smell.

Since long-term consequences of Covid is a new area of ​​research, it is still unclear to many researchers why some people/patients suffer from long-term effects and others do not. It affects the elderly as well as the young and healthy people, making it difficult to find the causes of the long-term effects.

British research provides new insights into long-term effects of Covid-19

A promising study by the National Institute for Health Research in Oxford, England involves the evaluation of 236,379 digital health records from surviving Covid-19 patients. The researchers found that people who contracted the coronavirus had a 44 percent higher risk of anxiety or mood swings than those who had the flu.

One-third of the patients enrolled, most of whom were treated in the United States, suffered from a neurological or mental illness within six months of their Covid-19 diagnosis. Most had anxiety disorders (17 percent) and mood disorders (14 percent). About 5 percent of the people analyzed had problems with insomnia. However, the causes are still unclear to the scientists. The prevention and treatment of consequential damage also requires further research.

Doctors often assume that post-Covid-19 symptoms are related to an autoimmune reaction, which often occurs after infections with other viruses. However, these usually occur in predictable patterns, which is not the case with Covid-19.

Even non-Covid patients are suffering

In addition to the long-term consequences of Covid, which should certainly not be underestimated, there are also many people who suffer from many complaints due to the pandemic. Here too, initial studies provide insight into the effects, such as in Bavaria when evaluating the data of 350,000 people, which showed that absenteeism due to mental illness was at its highest level in 2020. The increasing concerns and fears about the corona pandemic have not left people unmoved. This often affects sleep.

Weighted blankets against long-term consequences and complaints

Anyone suffering from the long-term consequences of Corona should not only seek urgent medical advice, but also take special care of themselves. If you struggle with anxiety, mood swings and insomnia, it's important to get some rest. Give your body enough time to recover. A Gravity weighted blanket can help with this, as the deep pressure generated when placed on the body has a calming effect. The weighted blanket helps you relax and fall asleep. It is a natural, drug-free tool that can help with your treatment and recovery.

You can use a weighted blanket at any time. After a stressful day at work, but also with long-term fears, panic and or sleeping problems, it is a blessing that many people are already benefiting from. The weighted blanket gives you a sense of security, which for some has disappeared during the pandemic. Using our weighted blankets will help you sleep faster, deeper and healthier and increase your overall well-being.

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