What type of bad sleeper are you?

Op zoek naar een verzwaringsdeken?

Staring at the ceiling for hours, worrying, nocturnal bustle. You can't get to sleep, which leads to being tired during the day, having little energy and not being able to have anything. Many people suffer from this. One in ten people in the Netherlands suffers from chronic sleeping problems, and this certainly has an impact on your health.


Dutch researchers discovered that five types of people can be distinguished who suffer from insomnia. One bad sleeper is clearly not the other. Do you suffer from sleeping problems? Read on below to see which 'type' you belong to.

The research was carried out by the Netherlands Brain Institute. Previous research into types of insomnia has never yielded anything, the institute reports. This was due to the fact that the study focused on differences in sleep problems, such as difficulty falling asleep or waking up several times during the night, or waking up too early in the morning.

This time the research was conducted by looking at character traits, which are strongly anchored in the structure of the brain. The research was conducted among thousands of bad sleepers by means of a questionnaire. This resulted in interesting new insights, as a result of which poor sleepers can now be classified into so-called 'person types', from emotionally flat to reward sensitive.

The different 'human types'

Five types were eventually categorized, which have 'very different profiles of combinations of character traits'.

Here they are:

Type 1 - 'Gloomy'

This type of bad sleeper suffers from neuroses, gloominess, often feels hyper and is upset for a long time; 19% of the total is of this type.

Possible treatment for this type: meditation or a weighted blanket, for its calming effect.

Type 2 - 'Stress & Reward Sensitive'

These bad sleepers suffer significantly less from the problems that the people of type 1 suffer from. In type 2 people are particularly sensitive to stress, but also very sensitive to rewards; 31% of the total is of this type

Possible treatment for this type: This type also has bathed with meditation or a weighted blanket, because of the calming effect.

Type 3 - 'Emotional plane'

The people who fall into type 3 are generally emotionally flat. They are insensitive to reward and emotionally they are quite flat; 15% of the total is of this type.

Possible treatment for this type: Therapy aimed at stimulating positive emotions may help.

Type 4 - 'Burden of events'

These poor sleepers are generally good sleepers. The insomnia occurs when something important is happening or something big is about to happen; 20% of the total is of this type.

Possible treatment for this type: This group may benefit from trauma counseling.

Type 5 - 'The normal sleeper'

The people who fall into the type 5 category are similar to the type 4 insomniacs. They are normal sleepers, but still suffer from insomnia. This, unlike type 4, has nothing to do with anything important happening; 15% of the total is of this type.

Possible treatment for this type: This group could try many different things because there is no specific cause. Meditation, a weighted blanket, an adapted diet, no blue light before going to sleep, etc.

Now that these groups can be distinguished, people with chronic problems can be treated more specifically. Do you recognize yourself in one of these types?

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