Gravity - Home Office Set

Margot van Geffen en 500k+ anderen in Europa slapen beter dankzij Gravity®

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Colour: Gray
Size (based on body weight): M - 20-50kg

Working from home with the comfort of Gravity®

Working from home has become an important part of our lives. What was once a dream is today a torment. Yes, there is no need to rush in the morning, run to the bus, warm up the car or rush to the train, but it is inevitable that we will suffer from chronic health problems.

Our home office often does not meet the expected standards. We work at the wrong desk, we don't have an ergonomic chair, we lean over the computer, often we don't even have our own space. We share a workplace with a partner, children and pets. It all adds up to extra stress, noise and nervousness. As a result, we are constantly tired, we suffer from pain in the back, neck, shoulders and head.

For these reasons, we have Home Office Set composed for everyone who could use some extra relaxation during work. 

The Gravity® Home Office Set consists of the following products:

- 1 x weighted shoulder pad
- 1 x Weighted Lap Pad
- 1 x Balance® weighted sleeping mask / headband

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