Gravity for Peace - How we actively help refugees.

Gravity voor vrede - Hoe wij actief vluchtelingen helpen.

The current situation in Ukraine is almost unbearable and leaves many people feeling helpless and bewildered. The events also affect us as a company. Rather, it is also a personal, emotional challenge. Our own production is in Poland, where the company was founded. We have employed many Ukrainians from the very beginning. They are firmly integrated and therefore an important part of our business. That is why we sympathize with our Ukrainian employees who have family, friends and acquaintances in their home country, many of whom are now on the run.

Not only the proximity of Ukraine, but also the stories of our employees make it clear to us that we must put aside the feeling of powerlessness, act quickly and become active. People need us and we must not disappoint them. That is why we decided to launch several actions to support Ukraine. We donate blankets to Polish refugee camps and institutions for refugees from Ukraine. We also donate 20% of our income to charities. In Jelcz, our location in Poland, we have prepared 70 places in our hotels for people fleeing to Poland. We sincerely hope that peace will come and that people will be able to go on with their lives fearlessly.

This is how we support

Donation of blankets to facilities and camps

15% donation of our income to organizations

Provision of 70 sleeping places for refugees

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