What does a Gravity® Weighted Blanket consist of?

1. High-quality, removable Gravity® cover
The standard cover from Gravity® is soft and cuddly and suitable for every season. The top of the cover consists of 100% Nicky velour. The summer cover is thinner and consists of 100% cotton at the top. So very breathable. The other side of the cover is made of a pleasant velvety fabric. The cover is machine washable at 40°.
2. Gravity® blanket (Inlett)
The Gravity® Inlett is made of 100% organic cotton. Machine washable at 30°.
3. Filling
The filling consists of 32% polyester and 68% cotton.
4. Glass microbeads
The filling contains square compartments containing the high-quality glass microbeads that give the Gravity® blanket its necessary weight.