Weighted blankets for anxiety disorders and panic attacks

People affected by anxiety and panic attacks suddenly find themselves in a state of emergency with no apparent cause. This cannot be overcome alone or with difficulty and often takes longer than it should. This is often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, anxiety and loss of control over your thoughts. Depending on the severity, these fears and panics can limit social contacts and affect the life of the person concerned.

With a Gravity® weighted blanket it is possible to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. The negative thoughts and feeling of reduced body awareness can be counteracted with a weighted blanket. Sufficient weight on the body can intensify body perception and increase the feeling of being in the here and now. This ensures that you calm down and learn to deal with your anxiety and panic attacks.

Using a weighted blanket helps the body to relax faster and you also fall asleep faster and deeper. The weight of the blanket works on the muscles, tendons and joints so that the body can be better controlled. Your happiness and sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin are responsible for this. By using a Gravity® blanket, the release of these hormones is promoted and kept in balance. In addition, cortisol levels are reduced. Better known as your stress hormone. The muscles and nervous system relax and anxiety is reduced. You will also notice that your body recovers faster and easier from accumulated stress and tension.


  • A Gravity® weighted blanket strengthens the perception of your own body and the environment.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks can be better controlled and reduced.