Gravity® weighted blankets help with stress

Stress is a common phenomenon nowadays, which is mainly caused by the (high) demands imposed by the (work) environment. Bad news, annoying notifications on your mobile phone and many other things can lead to stress. This then has a huge impact on your sleep. Insomnia and restlessness are often the consequences of stress. Everyone knows stress and it is often underestimated. Because there is no healthy stress balance due to exhaustion, stress can ultimately lead to chronic conditions such as psychological tension, anxiety disorders and negative changes in your diet.

There are some useful methods to combat stress and its consequences. In addition to regular exercise, exercise and a healthy diet, a weighted blanket can also help with stress. This provides more rest and contributes to a better and faster recovery. Especially when there is little time to sleep. A good night's sleep ensures that the cells in your body regenerate. The events of the day are still buzzing around in your head at night and make falling asleep a challenge.

Using a Gravity® weighted blanket can help the body recover and fall asleep faster. The weight of the blanket works on the muscles, tendons and joints. This ensures that the body is observed more intensively and can be better controlled. The happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin are responsible for this. The release of these hormones is promoted by the pleasant pressure that the weighted blanket exerts on your body. In addition, the cortisol level (stress hormone) is lowered at the same time. The muscles and nervous system relax and fears are reduced or disappear. This ensures that your body recovers faster and easier from the accumulated stress and tension.


  • In addition to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, a Gravity® blanket offers more rest and relaxation, which helps against stress and tension
  • A weighted blanket helps to switch off and relax the body and mind after stressful and restless days