All the benefits of a Gravity® weighted blanket

Gravity® weighted blankets have many benefits for people with different types of problems. For the most part, these are health problems that are directly or indirectly related to sleep.

In addition to sleep problems and stress, ADHD and anxiety disorders can also affect your sleep, social environment and well-being. A bad night's sleep not only affects your emotional state, but also your health. During sleep, the body goes through a number of important processes for the regeneration of your cells, brain and nervous system. Moreover, everything you have experienced and learned during the day is processed. Not only the duration of your sleep, but also the efficiency of your sleep plays a very important role. Restless sleep and constant waking cause these processes to be interrupted. This significantly reduces your concentration and performance the next day.

With the help of a weighted blanket, your sleep can be promoted and these processes can be revived. The weight of a weighted blanket, which has a stimulating effect on your body, creates a state of relaxation. Sleep hormones (melatonin) are released by the pressure of weight. This will help you fall asleep faster. This can significantly improve your sleep quality and all related problems that occur with sleep disorders. It is no longer necessary to take addictive sleep medications. The weight of the weighted blanket improves all your sleeping problems.

Using a weighted blanket is very simple. This can be used both while sleeping and during the day. Our weighted blankets are used for sleep therapy, as well as an addition to daily life.


  • Gravity® weighted blankets have a relaxing effect on your body and ensure that you fall asleep faster
  • Better sleep has a positive effect on your daily life and work
  • In addition to healthy nutrition and exercise, a weighted blanket offers you more relaxation and rest, which is also important for your health
  • The weight of the blanket stimulates in a pleasant way and supports your state of mind and serenity
  • Overstimulation and hyperactivity are in balance during the day when using a weighted blanket
  • Loss of control and aggression due to reduced brain performance can be reduced by the use of weighted blankets